Home Care that puts you in charge!

Image of a female using a wheelchair in a parking lotLynne has participated in the Independent Home Care Consumer-Directed Home Care Program for over a decade. During this time, Lynne was receiving the care she needed in order to remain living in the community with her diagnosis of muscular dystrophy. Last year, a bout of pneumonia set Lynne’s health back and necessitated a hospitalization. The illness caused Lynne to become dependent on a ventilator. After the hospital, Lynne needed to continue her recovery in a rehab facility. Lynne desperately wanted to return to her community, her home and her school aged son. Since Lynne now needed a ventilator, she was not a candidate to receive home care services through a traditional licensed home care agency since she now required skilled nursing tasks in order to maintain good health. Lynne’s options were to either go to a nursing home or enroll in Consumer-Directed Home Care again. Lynne previously had very positive experiences with our home care  program so she contacted us.

Independent Home Care staff worked with the Medicaid office in Lynne’s home county and the discharge planners from the rehab facility to facilitate a timely discharge and ensure that Lynne was back home with the care that she requires.

Today, Lynne is right where she wants to be- back home and happily managing a team of Personal Assistants through Independent Home Care’s Consumer-Directed Home Care program.