Environmental Wellness

By Maisha Ahmed

NY Project Hope is a crisis counseling program that provides support and resources to help people cope with the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic

environmental wellness

I admit that when it comes to wellness never really considered how the environment might contribute to it; I viewed wellness as something that is a combination of physical, spiritual, and emotional health but it is just as important to take one’s surrounding into consideration. Environmental wellness is the connection of one’s sense of safety and comfort to one’s surroundings. It can impact mental health state and even productivity.

Tips to Enhance Environmental Wellness

  • Spending time outside-Whenever, I am feeling down or depressed, I was always encouraged to go for a walk or just sit out in the sun. At first, I didn’t understand why; however, studies have shown making time to go to the park or beach or even picking up gardening as a hobby can lower stress, improve, and enhance over-all well-being. In addition, when you are walking somewhere or gardening, you are contributing to reducing pollution and making the planet healthier as well. In essence, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone.
  • Create a comfortable and happy living space-Aesthetics isn’t just something to show off on Instagram and it isn’t always considered superficial; rather, making an area more soothing to the eye can be a mood changer. For example, I feel more stressed out when I come home after a long day at work to see my room very cluttered. If I’m working from home, the clutter tends to be very distracting. I also noticed that after painting my room to a brighter color, it leaves me in a more positive mood.
  • Take actions to keep the environment safe and healthy-If possible, try to walk or cycle to your destination. It reduces both the noise level and air pollution. Some other helpful actions you can take is to use reusable shopping bags, conserve water, or recycle and reduce waste.
  • Develop a positive relationship with others-There is no doubt that regardless of wherever a person may be, their relationships with others can play a huge role making or breaking the environment. After having a long day at work or school or just being stressed out, it’s a nice feeling to come home and feel a sense of comfort and joy thanks to the people around you. I never consider home as a location; rather, my home is where my brother and my mother are.

As always, Project Hope is also here to help you! Sometimes it can be helpful to talk to someone you don’t know! Want to know more about how we can help? Give us a call at 845-762-2275. Talking to us is always free, anonymous, and confidential.

Maisha Ahmed is a crisis counselor from Independent Living, Inc. working on with the NY Project Hope program. 

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