New Beginning Series: Introduction

By Maisha Ahmed

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NY Project Hope is a crisis counseling program that provides support and resources to help people cope with the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic

 Can you believe that the year is almost over? It seems like just yesterday I was planning out my resolutions for 2021 to which I admittedly was unsuccessful in keeping. Nonetheless, one of my goals for 2022 is to be more positive, which is also what our new series will address. It’s understandable that since the onset of the pandemic, we are more likely to feel anxious and stressed out. It brought upon a slew of uncertainties, losses, and a disturbance in what we consider our old “normal” life. But I still hope that with the introduction and usage of the vaccines and booster shot, things will start to look up. And I would love to pass on that positivity and optimistic beliefs with our new beginning series.

Sometimes, I wish there was a reset button on life. Or perhaps even a remote controller where we could rewind back to the moments that we regret or miss, put a pause on our most blissful experiences, or fast forward through our hardships. Unfortunately, we don’t have that option and all we can do is continue to move forward with all the strength we have in us. However, the beginning of a new year has a role similar to the reset button in which we are given a chance to start fresh within our own standards. For example, this year I was not able to keep up with my weight loss goals or staying more physically active. The new year is a chance for me to keep myself more accountable and stop punishing myself for not living up to the high expectations that I created.

The new year is also an opportunity for us to embrace hope, positivity, and to further strengthen our resiliency. With everything we have been going through, the future might look bleak or daunting but there are two great sayings that I’d always like to remind myself of when I feeling utterly hopeless. One of them is “what doesn’t kill you makes stronger” and the other is “when you’re at the bottom, there is no place to go but up”. No matter where we are on the ladder, it is my greatest hope that there will be opportunities for us to continue climbing up.

With that being said, I’d like to sincerely remind everyone that Project Hope is and will continue to be here for anyone who needs a bit of encouragement or needs to get something off their chest. Please feel free to utilize our hotline: 845-762-2275. Remember, talking to us is always free, confidential, and anonymous.

Maisha Ahmed is a crisis counselor from Independent Living, Inc. working on with the NY Project Hope program.