Spring Forward Series: Introduction

By Maisha Ahmed

woman in spring illustration

This year’s winter was a bit erratic to say the least. I remember there was a particular week in which one day it felt like summer and then the next day we were cooped up at home due to a snowstorm. Regardless, I am so glad that we are leaving winter behind. Winter tends to leave me feeling rather gloomy and I am not that good at withstanding the cold, so to say I am so excited for the arrival of spring is an understatement.

Spring signifies a time full of changes and those changes aren’t just related to the weather. As stated in the title, we are literally springing forward as on March 13th clocks will be advanced an hour forward. This can also signify us moving on figuratively. We all had our lives impeded upon and transformed two years ago with the onset of the pandemic in which many of us experienced the losses of loved ones, financial security, our control over reality, and the disruption of routines. However, over time, we slowly adjusted and started to gain back some control and normalcy in our lives. In contrast to the previous two years, this spring will be one where we can get a glimpse of pre-covid life once more as mask mandates have eased up and we feel more comfortable meeting up with our friends and family more often.

Part of the changes that spring usually brings along is the unspoken tradition of partaking in spring cleaning. It seems like once the sun begins to last longer and the weather becomes warmer, we are suddenly motivated to rearrange or clean our houses as well. But why particularly spring? It seems like the reasons have Eastern cultural influences in which March 21 is designated as a new year that symbolizes reinvigorating life through activities such as rearranging homes.

Lastly, the series will also cover some of the more eventful holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day. We will get to learn a bit about the holiday, including the history of it, some traditional activities, and how to stay safe and continue healthy habits in a festive environment. In addition, we will also cover the value of making spring-time goals and how it can be used as a mid-year check-up on yourself. Please look forward to our upcoming articles as they cover a range of fun, informative, and diverse topics.